Saturday, July 26, 2008

Please Don't Come

Work has been emotional. Enough said.

I'm Afraid of the Garden

Due to our disaster in gardening last year, we decided to take part in what has become a neighborhood garden in our next door neighbors yard. This garden use to be a playground and so the dirt is very sandy, not what I thought would be good soil. Well I was wrong. This garden has taken root and gone to town. I feel as though it is going to take over like in jack and the bean stock. Every now and then I go out and check on the garden, but I must say I am cautious. You never know what is going to be lurking behind those windy loops of brances and leaves. It brings back memories of the fairy tale theatre flick Rapunzel. That show always creeped me out when they went into the garden to steal the radishes. Perhaps when I go to my own garden I am suffering from some post traumatic stress of something instilled in me when I was a kid, like Rapunzel! Never the less we do have some great crops if anyone is interested. I fear the gigantic squash are going to come eat me!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

peter parkin's party

Yeah it was pretty much a success! Not on my account, but everything turned out great! Great house, hostess, food, presents, company, drinks, you name it! If you don't believe me, here are pictures to prove it!
The food (great colors huh!)

The present

The party favors

baby baby baby oh baby

As I sit next to an open warmer tonight next to a sleeping baby, my mind is thinking about what I have to accomplish tommarrow morning. I am helping to throw a friend a baby shower which I have started to become an expert at. First its the wedding showers, then the baby showers, then I guess the over the hill showers, and then your throwing your own children their wedding showers and the cycle starts again. I have moved past the wedding phase of my life other then the fact that I am not married. Im starting to think I should bypass the wedding all together and jump ahead with my friends to the baby phase. I have stayed up enough with screaming babies to handle things myself, right!?! Oh but wait, I can't give them the good stuff at home. What will I do without my ativan, morphine, fentanyl, or versed? I'm going to be one of those mothers that uses tylenol and benedryl for irritability. So I am making lettuce wraps for the shower tomarrow. I got the great idea from the best wraps I've ever had at the cheesecake factory. I even went and bought their sauces. They should be awesome and the presentation will be amazing, with the green bib lettuce, orange carrots in red cabbage. Green, orange, and purple are great colors together. Oh and I have red peppers- fabulous! I also made a take home gift for everyone. Homemade fudge balls dipped in blue and white chocolate boxed up with an initialized tag. Yes it has been a lot of work, and yes everyone around me thinks I'm crazy, but honestly I enjoy it. I do it because it's fun- I could go buy gifts for eveyone or have the party catered for the same expense, but then creativity goes out the window. That is one of my passions. My sister reminded me of the last baby shower we did that was even more over the top. We not only did fudge balls, but miniture baby soaps for take home gift. Oh and we hand made individualized chicken pot pies that had criss cross crusted tops- oh and we did a rose ball that we hung from the table, plus my sister designed the invitations, and tags for the take home gifts- so I can be over the top and a perfectionist if you didn't know that about me. The hardest part about getting the lettuce wraps prepared tomarrow will be that I have worked all night. Oh well, I will crash and burn after the shower. Oh but wait I have a birthday party to go to. One of the babies I took care of a year ago is having a first birthday party. He was naughty too. He tried to die several times. Finally proof that what I do at my job pays off. Baby, baby, baby, oh baby!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

heres a little something

So I have to admit, I've been spending more time on facebook then on blogspot lately- Big mistake and it will never happen again! it Is midnight and I have to work at 7 A so this will be short and sweet- Just want you to know I'm still alive and will try to think of something funny to blog about- life is kind of serious boring at the moment- oh but I do have fun at work!

It's pretty much LADIES NIGHT every night in the NICU