Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am a disaster

So I bought a new suit the other day. It was a splurge because I needed it for an interview. I made it throught the interview, but the next day I noticed I had a big ink spot on the side of it. Yeah it was bic pen. I called my sister in a panic and asked her how to get it out since she is the miracle washer with three little ones. She told me just to take it the laundry mat. So I took it downstairs to the appartments personnal launderer. He didn't speak much english but basically told me to leave the pen on. I laughed and said, thank you very much I will take it some place else. Frustrated I went and bought my own bottle of rubbing alcohol and preceded to clean the stain myself. To make a long story short- The skirt ended up with an ink spot on the other side too as well as paint from a plastic bag. Oh and ended up in a sink full of water even though it's dry clean only. I almost just threw it away. What a disaster.

Thinking I was through with disasters, I was sitting on a friends couch the next night and started sticking to the material. I noticed there was something sticky underneath me. There was carmel all over my butt and the couch. Where did this come from? Oh my purse. There were some milk duds I had bought during a night shift one night and had been sitting in my purse open. Yes there were milk duds stuck to everything: coins, papers, elastics, lipgloss, ect.

So the story does not end. I promised my mom some cupcakes from Dean and Deluca so I brought her home four. The container they were in was not very stable and I had a box of new shoes sitting on top. The shoes weight broke the container and smooshed all the tops of the cupcakes pushing frosting out the sides. Mysteriously there was also an open box of junior mints that were in the bag. Probably another midnight treat from work. They had poured out and melted onto everything. My cell phone, cell charger, camera, and box of shoes were covered in junior mint/frosting. I looked in the bag, rolled my eyes, and shut it quickly. I did not care anymore. Whatever! I through it in the over head bin on the plane and went to sleep.