Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome To NEW YORK

So as many of you know, I have relocated myself to NYC- Don't ask me why NYC! There is no professional opportunity or schooling that I'm interested in- although there are not bad schools out here! This was purely a move to mix things up a bit! I did not realize my welcome would be so full of excitement! First there was the appartment- well lets just say I may have wanted to leave the first day I got here- I was worried I might be on the streets. Then there was the job that has just been crazy from day one- going from 2 patients to 4 overnight is a highly stressful change. I sometime wonder how these patient's make it. Then there was the well, the two night stand that came out of the blue. I didn't know I would ever be a stand girl- and it was not by choice. Whatever! Oh and I can't forget the fire that was 3 doors down at the laundry mat. Never seen a herd of firemen with (crow?) bars in hand, break into a building and then have smoke come billowing out. I guess there is a first for everything. I did get to sit next to Kevin Bacon on the bus the other day but I didn't realize it until my roomate pointed it out to me when we got off the bus. This has been an adventure- Every moment changes- Yesterday I was sure I was leaving NYC the next day- today I'm willing to give it 6 months, maybe tommarrow it will be a year- which I hope because I just put my name on a lease for a year. Yeah new appartment. It's got 2 decks- So any of you that want to go camping in NYC let me know! Oh yeah- today we met for church in a broadway theatre so we could have stake conference with the whole stake and Elder Holland- My favorite part was when Elder Holland said, "I feel like yelling Kristine right now. Don't you tell me prayers are not answered. I am having my broadway experience as we speak!" He is a man after my own heart!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am a disaster

So I bought a new suit the other day. It was a splurge because I needed it for an interview. I made it throught the interview, but the next day I noticed I had a big ink spot on the side of it. Yeah it was bic pen. I called my sister in a panic and asked her how to get it out since she is the miracle washer with three little ones. She told me just to take it the laundry mat. So I took it downstairs to the appartments personnal launderer. He didn't speak much english but basically told me to leave the pen on. I laughed and said, thank you very much I will take it some place else. Frustrated I went and bought my own bottle of rubbing alcohol and preceded to clean the stain myself. To make a long story short- The skirt ended up with an ink spot on the other side too as well as paint from a plastic bag. Oh and ended up in a sink full of water even though it's dry clean only. I almost just threw it away. What a disaster.

Thinking I was through with disasters, I was sitting on a friends couch the next night and started sticking to the material. I noticed there was something sticky underneath me. There was carmel all over my butt and the couch. Where did this come from? Oh my purse. There were some milk duds I had bought during a night shift one night and had been sitting in my purse open. Yes there were milk duds stuck to everything: coins, papers, elastics, lipgloss, ect.

So the story does not end. I promised my mom some cupcakes from Dean and Deluca so I brought her home four. The container they were in was not very stable and I had a box of new shoes sitting on top. The shoes weight broke the container and smooshed all the tops of the cupcakes pushing frosting out the sides. Mysteriously there was also an open box of junior mints that were in the bag. Probably another midnight treat from work. They had poured out and melted onto everything. My cell phone, cell charger, camera, and box of shoes were covered in junior mint/frosting. I looked in the bag, rolled my eyes, and shut it quickly. I did not care anymore. Whatever! I through it in the over head bin on the plane and went to sleep.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Awkward Intervals

I was recently at Disneyland watching their nightly firework show and was bored. I couldn't understand why they would have this array of fireworks and then wait like 1 min between letting off another one. No wonder its an hour long. So as I was complaining about this unentertaing show my cousing Marissa said, "It does have some awkward intervals doesn't it." That is exactly what I was thinking. Thank you Marissa. The words "awkward intervals" kept running through my head when suddenly it hit me; that would be the title for my next blog. It so applied to my life at the moment. You see I have been in an awkward interval. You know, when you suddenly realize something in our life is not being fullfilled or you just aren't happy for some reason. There are lots of awkward intervals in life. You know, like when you are in kindergarten and you start to realize that your friends that are boys cannot be your best friends anymore because they are the opposite sex or in junior high when boys and girls start "going" together or that period of time when youre 15 and you want to go out with friends but you don't want your mom to drive you everywhere. Of course when you graduate from highschool and have no idea what to do next and then all your highschool friends go on missions and you feel lost again. Then when people start getting married, having kids, divorced, go to jail, or even die. That leads to now when you are still single and trying to be happy with it. Well actually more trying to figure out what your role in the single world is suppose to be. So I have once again hit the wall and feel stagnent or out of place. Maybe that is why the words "awkward interval" rang so loud. I think I'm about ready to see some more fireworks though. I feel another zone of comfort is in the near future.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How the Dark Knight Changed My Life!

So I was talking to my sister the other day and said something that freaked me out! I sounded just like my dad. We both knew it and started laughing. I said "Bets I know the Dark Knight was fairly dark and violent, but it had a good moral"! My dad is amazing at justifying his warrior side. We would tell him what he shouldn't watch and he would always come up with a good moral to the story and why we should see it. Anyways, so me and Betsy decided to debate on why or why not the Dark Knight was good. I was expecting to agree with her, that it was too dark and played too closely with the "dark side". Surprisingly though, I left with a light hearted feeling inside. I agree it did take dark to the next degree, that was part of the reason it had such a profound effect on me. You see, had the joker not been so evil, the point of, "we choose how life will effect us and the people we become" would not have jumped out at me so strongly. Im sure that was their point. Not like this is a new concept or anything, but for some reason i now can say "I understand". The joker was such a portrayal of someone who let his life situations, and what people had done to him, ruin him. I realized that I had a few things lurking in my closet that could potentially ruin me. I could become the Joker! None of us are immune. Yikes! Yeah so I have turned over a new leaf. I have let go! I no longer care what some kid said to me in fifth grade or junior high. I might even forgive my parents for not buying me a new ice cream cone after I dropped it walking into a pole at Sea World. Tramatic experience. So today I asked my dad if he had seen the dark knight. Yes he had, but for some reason he did not see the great moral as clearly as I did. Hmm maybe movies really dont have a good moral and he just likes to debate with me!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Please Don't Come

Work has been emotional. Enough said.

I'm Afraid of the Garden

Due to our disaster in gardening last year, we decided to take part in what has become a neighborhood garden in our next door neighbors yard. This garden use to be a playground and so the dirt is very sandy, not what I thought would be good soil. Well I was wrong. This garden has taken root and gone to town. I feel as though it is going to take over like in jack and the bean stock. Every now and then I go out and check on the garden, but I must say I am cautious. You never know what is going to be lurking behind those windy loops of brances and leaves. It brings back memories of the fairy tale theatre flick Rapunzel. That show always creeped me out when they went into the garden to steal the radishes. Perhaps when I go to my own garden I am suffering from some post traumatic stress of something instilled in me when I was a kid, like Rapunzel! Never the less we do have some great crops if anyone is interested. I fear the gigantic squash are going to come eat me!!!