Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome To NEW YORK

So as many of you know, I have relocated myself to NYC- Don't ask me why NYC! There is no professional opportunity or schooling that I'm interested in- although there are not bad schools out here! This was purely a move to mix things up a bit! I did not realize my welcome would be so full of excitement! First there was the appartment- well lets just say I may have wanted to leave the first day I got here- I was worried I might be on the streets. Then there was the job that has just been crazy from day one- going from 2 patients to 4 overnight is a highly stressful change. I sometime wonder how these patient's make it. Then there was the well, the two night stand that came out of the blue. I didn't know I would ever be a stand girl- and it was not by choice. Whatever! Oh and I can't forget the fire that was 3 doors down at the laundry mat. Never seen a herd of firemen with (crow?) bars in hand, break into a building and then have smoke come billowing out. I guess there is a first for everything. I did get to sit next to Kevin Bacon on the bus the other day but I didn't realize it until my roomate pointed it out to me when we got off the bus. This has been an adventure- Every moment changes- Yesterday I was sure I was leaving NYC the next day- today I'm willing to give it 6 months, maybe tommarrow it will be a year- which I hope because I just put my name on a lease for a year. Yeah new appartment. It's got 2 decks- So any of you that want to go camping in NYC let me know! Oh yeah- today we met for church in a broadway theatre so we could have stake conference with the whole stake and Elder Holland- My favorite part was when Elder Holland said, "I feel like yelling Kristine right now. Don't you tell me prayers are not answered. I am having my broadway experience as we speak!" He is a man after my own heart!